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We call ourselves tree doctors because we think that our job is to look after the trees and their well-being. But it's also our responsibility to watch out for your safety and that of your property. Trees are an asset and having them in your backyard not only adds to the beauty of the area but also the environment. However, unfortunately, there are situations when they can pose a safety risk, and Pasco County tree removal is the only remaining option.
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When Should You Call Tree Removal Services?

When the tree is dead: A dead tree may be incapable of supporting itself. Especially during harsh weather, like snow or a storm, the dead tree would just give in. It is a potential risk of breaking and falling on a pedestrian, vehicle, or property. Hiring tree removal services in Pasco County is the most viable option in such a scenario.

When the tree is diseased: There are times when a tree may suffer a pest infestation or a disease. It usually becomes the cause of its decay or death. Besides, there are chances of the spread of the infestation to other trees and plants. It's essential to have trained arborists check on the tree regularly to avoid such a situation. But if they eventually do get infested, it's best to have them removed with the help of tree removal experts.

When the tree is encroaching: Trees can also encroach. We have no absolute control over which side they will grow. There are times when they creep on the nearby structure, or the roots can affect the foundation of a building or the underground water pipelines. Moreover, the danger of electrocution is possible if the tree gets in the way or power lines. The best way out of such a situation is tree removal.

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Why Should You Hire Our Tree Removal Experts?

Tree removal is not a mean task. It's not only a mammoth mission, but it's also extremely dangerous. One small mistake can cost dearly. Hire our tree removal experts in Pasco to do the job safely and efficiently.

Ensure Safety - Tree removal is not just about chopping off the tree in one go. A wrong move can harm you or your property. Climbing up the tree would always include the risk of a fall and severe injury. Moreover, one might get hurt while using sharp tools and machinery.

Equipment - Tree removal is a huge task, and the job can't be done using just a shear or clipper. Even tree removal experts would need equipment like chainsaws, handsaws, ladders, etc. Besides, using such machinery requires skill and experience to avoid severe injury. At Morris Tree Service, we have state-of-the-art equipment to handle your tree removal needs.

Expertise : Tree removal usually starts at the top by cutting the branches and then gradually moving down to the trunk and eventually removing the stump. Our highly-trained tree removal experts not only know the methods of tree removal but also know how to do it in the fastest possible way.

Stump Grinding and Removal : A reliable tree removal service will also give you the option of having the stump removed. Once you have cut the tree, it's best to remove the stump to free up the yard space. We can offer you the best solution- stump grinding. We grind the stump using our advanced equipment. You can use the remains as mulch for landscaping. You can also have the stump simply dug and removed, but that would leave a ditch in the land and would have to be filled up.

Insurance and License: Morris Tree Removal Service has all the required licenses to carry on the tree removal task. We are also covered, so shed your worries about the safety of your property.

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Morris Tree Service is a 20-year-old family-owned, local company. We take tree care seriously because it's not just our job, but it's our passion. We are one of you, so we care for you and the community. Therefore, we provide the best tree care and tree removal services at an affordable price, and we have special discounts for veterans and senior citizens.
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When you call us to request an estimate, our trained tree removal expert will inspect and analyze to fix the cost. While we have the most reasonable tree removal rates, the price depends on several factors.
How to Decide the Cost of Tree Removal?
  • Size of the tree
  • Required time
  • Number of people required in the team
  • Risk assessment
  • Where is the tree situated, and how tricky is the removal
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