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While you may ask why you need tree trimming and pruning when they are naturally capable of growing well on their own, you should know that trees too are prone to disease and decay, and maintaining them well augments their growth. Pasco County tree trimming and care prevents damage from insects, and bad weather conditions and preserves the overall health of the tree.
Pasco County tree trimming services

Improves Overall Health: Trimming dead or decaying branches helps the overall health of the trees. It allows nutrients to get absorbed evenly and prevents damage.

Better Exposure to Sunlight: By removing extra branches and reducing the density a little, trimming increases sunlight exposure to all parts uniformly.

Disease Detection: Regular pruning by tree trimmers can detect diseases or any other infestation the tree is suffering from. Timely intervention can save your trees' life.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Tree Trimming and pruning can improve the look of the tree and make it appear neat and beautiful. It can give the tree any look you desire.

Boosts Productivity: With better health, increased exposure to sunlight, and better nutrients, the fruits that the tree would bear would be bigger are sweeter.

The risk of falling branches always remains in an overgrown, unkempt tree. Regular pruning will prevent any damage to your property.
With time the pruning and trimming in Pasco County need to change. While it is young and weak, it may require support through various bracing methods, but over the years, it stands on its own. Similarly, the trimming needs of a small-sized or medium-sized tree are different from a fully grown tree. Our local tree maintenance experts understand the different phases and tend to them accordingly.
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Our tree trimmers are like tree doctors. They are highly-skilled arborists who can look and calltol the condition of your trees and would offer you all tree maintenance solutions. At Morris Tree Company, we are not just serious about our tree conservation work; we are passionate about it!
We are family-owned:We are a family-owned full-service tree care company, and we believe in loving our environment.

We have the Experience: We are in the tree-care industry for over 20 years, long enough to manage all your tree upkeep needs.

We are Insured: We have all the licenses and insurance. So you can rest assured that your trees and shrubs are in safe hands.

We have State-of-the-Art Equipment: We don't rent our equipment, we own them. Our equipment is advanced, well maintained, and safe.

We boast of highly-skilled arborists: Our team of tree trimmers is well trained and know their job well. They are dedicated to protecting and tending to your trees.

Our Rates Are Affordable: Our tree maintenance services are priced reasonably. Besides, we offer discounts to senior citizens and veterans.

We prioritize customer satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our #1 concern. We meet the highest standards and guarantee that you won't regret taking our service.

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While both tree pruning and trimming are great for the overall health of the tree and entail clipping and cutting off parts of the tree, there is a fundamental difference between them. Trimming is done by cutting the overgrown branches and controlling them to ensure the tree's healthy growth. Pruning is performed to protect the tree from decay and disease by cutting off dead or damaged parts, or to make the tree aesthetically appealing and to ensure the branches do not obstruct the road.

The equipment used for both the processes is also different. Pruning is done by hand shears (for stems up to ¾ inch in diameter) and loping shears (for thicker stems that are up to 1 ¾ inch in diameter). Trimming the tree requires cutting of thicker branches too, and is done by manual or electric power chippers.

Crown thinning: Clipping branches selectively at the crown of the tree, ensuring that no more than one-fourth of the existing crown is pruned.

Crown raising or crown lifting: Ensuring two-thirds of the tree has live branches, the low hanging branches are cut off that obstruct the pathways or pose a problem for the pedestrians.

Crown reduction: When trees outgrow their environment, they have to be cut off drastically to keep them controlled and within bounds.

Contact us for all your tree trim and pruning needs, and we assure you that we will offer you the best tree maintenance service at the best price.
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Our Certified Tree Trimmers Are Well-Trained Reliable and local Pasco Tree Experts

Every member of our Pasco County tree trimming service team is highly-skilled and capable of taking care of all your tree pruning & trimming and pruning requirements. Our tree trimmers are like doctors to the trees, and they can not only identify the problem your tree is facing but judging from the condition of the tree and its surroundings, they can even detect imminent threats that your trees might face.

Attention to safety is another strong point of our tree trimmers. Just as they take good care of your trees, they ensure that the process is carried out, keeping everyone's safety in mind- yours, your property's and their own!

Call Morris Tree trimming service to get a consultation from our experts on how to maintain your trees in the best possible way.

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