removing fallen trees by cutting them into sections in the front of a home

12 Tips on Removing Fallen Trees from Your Property

Removing fallen trees can be a nuisance. Whether you’re trying to transport or remove a fallen tree, it can be a relatively tedious job. There are innumerable troubles involved and requires a fair share of heavy effort and work. Still,
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fruit tree care tips – gardener planning to prune a fruit tree

Fruit Tree Care Tips – How to Take Care of Fruit Trees

Gardening is one of the oldest professions known to mankind. Yet, it is also one of the most difficult ones out there. A slight error in judgment can cause a tree to have stunted growth, zero blossoms, or ever die.
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Do It Yourself Tree Removal

Do It Yourself Tree Removal – Why It Is Not Advised

A do-it-yourself tree removal plan, as easy as it may sound, is never advisable due to several reasons. Felling trees is not an easy job and yes, you need professionals for doing the job properly. Do not take the matter lightly since
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spring tree care

Spring Tree Care – Tips and Hacks

Spring is a much-awaited season for most homeowners. It signifies the end of a long and harsh winter for you and any trees in your yard. However, over the long winter, the condition of your trees might have taken a
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can removing a tree cause foundation problem

Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems – Myths and Facts

While we love being close to nature, there are times when tree removal becomes imperative. And you may wonder, can removing a tree cause foundation problem for the building? Having trees in your yard and along the neighborhood streets increases
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man pruning a tree with garden shears while standing on a platform – benefits of pruning trees

10 Benefits of Pruning Trees

Adorning your garden with trees can transform your property. However, taking care of your trees is as important as taking care of your house. The benefits of pruning trees cannot be downplayed as it does more than just improve the
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do you need a permit to cut down a tree

Do You Need a Permit to Cut Down a Tree in Florida – All You Need to Know

One of the main questions that come to mind when you want to cut down a tree is “do you need a permit to cut down a tree?” This is a valid question to ask as there are stringent laws
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storm damaged trees

A Checklist for Reviving Storm Damaged Trees

Florida is one of those States known for bearing the brunt of several hurricanes every year. Since official recordkeeping started in 1851, the State has been pummeled by more than 100 ‘very severe’ cyclones. Naturally, instances of storm damaged trees
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shaping bushes and shrubs

A Few Pro Tips to Give Your Garden a Makeover by Shaping Bushes and Shrubs

It is safe to assume that if you’re reading this post, you enjoy gardening (probably doing most of the heavy-lifting by yourself) and all its related aspects! That thread leads to another conclusion: that you know pretty well that occasionally
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The Bald Cypress is a hurricane resistant tree in Florida

Top 5 Hurricane Resistant Trees in Florida Ideal for Your Garden

Every year, tens of thousands of people rush to their nearest nurseries and arborists for advice on the best hurricane resistant trees in Florida. These are not just purchasing sprees- they serve a purpose. Every year, the State of Florida
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