At Morris Tree Service, nurturing is our nature. We are committed to taking care of your trees like they are our own. And our dedicated team of local tree care experts is trained to treat your trees with the utmost care and provide you with all your tree care solutions.

Tree Trimming

We trim and prune the trees not only to make your property look good but because it is essential to boost the growth of your trees. One may feel that clipping off dead or decaying branches is just to make way for roads and sideways. You will be surprised to know that trimming also improves a trees' health as it allows more exposure to sunlight and increases the reach of the nutrients. We use handsaws, pruning hooks, shears, and clippers to trim and prune your trees or shrubs. If required, we also use truck-mounted lifts and power pruners. If your trees have any cracks and cavities, we fill them to stop further deterioration. Our tree doctors understand your greens, their tissues, cells, and functions; hence they know exactly how to treat them in the best possible way.
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Tree Removal

Tree removal is not a mean task and has to be managed professionally with utmost caution to avoid hurting anyone around or your property. Our tree care specialists love trees, they tend to them with passion and do all they can in their power to save them, but they also recognize when a tree is beyond any help. When they are diseased or damaged, it's best to have them removed.

Following industry best practices to a tee, our local tree removal experts use cutting-edge equipment to remove your tree. Moreover, we manage to offer affordable prices because we don't hire subcontractors or rent any tools. Even though we're a family-owned local tree care company, our services have the capacity to compete with any national business, hence allowing us to deliver the best tree care services.

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Palm Tree Trimming and Shaving

Palm trees are evergreens, and well-kept trees add a hint of elegance to your property. However, without proper maintenance, they look ugly and lose their curb appeal. Besides, the overgrowth can put the property at risk and potentially harm pedestrians or vehicles in the vicinity, let alone endangering their own health.

Pruning boosts healthy growth and prevents damage to the tree. Though there is no good season to prune palm trees but our local tree care experts understand that for the tree to grow well and retain its natural colors, it's best to prune them just before the seeds can grow, as they use up most of the nutrients. Corrective pruning will allow you to have healthy trees, an attractive landscape, and safe property.

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Stump Grinding

When trees are removed from the property, the stump remains, taking away the charm of the property, taking up the yard space, and making it unsafe. You may think of stump removal by digging and uprooting it, but this would leave a hole that would require filling up. Stump grinding, on the other hand, avoids digging up a hole.

Our professional tree removal service can grind your stump, which may be used as mulch for landscaping, and clear up your land in no time. We use high-tech equipment that prevents any damage to your lawn, and our highly trained stump removal professionals are competent to handle the problem effectively.

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Shrubs and Hedges

Leaving your shrubs unattended will make them look bushy and, in turn, make your property look unpleasant. Furthermore, large shrubs are incapable of supporting themselves, which eventually leads to decay and death. Shrub trimming promotes healthy growth. Though one may trim the shrubs on their own, people avoid it fearing damage to the shrubs.

Call the experts at Morris Tree Service for perfect shrub trimming. Each shrub is different, and they have their own pruning ways and means, and seasons which our specialists understand best. Let us ensure you have healthy shrubs that make your property look neat and attractive.

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Sod Removal and Replacement

Sods can give your garden a healthy and lush look. But you have to ensure that the grass has not yellowed or dead and weeds and crabgrass have not overtaken your garden. If so, it's time for a replacement. Sod removal and replacement include removal of the sod, leveling the ground, and laying the replacement. The process entails disposing of the sod and soil as well.

We price our service depending on the volume and weight of the sod. Starting with a free quote, we begin our services only when you are satisfied with our pricing. Living up to our motto of integrity, we don't weigh the sod when it is wet as that would increase the weight. If your sod is wet, we will reschedule and come back later.

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Mulching and Rock Work

You can increase the appeal of your landscape via mulching. It not only enhances the curb appeal of your garden but conserves the moisture in the soil, improves its fertility, and hence promotes its good health. Furthermore, it controls the growth of weed, which is crucial for the well-being of your lawn.

Besides mulch, you may use stone gravel or rock for landscaping in beautiful patterns to enhance your garden's visual charm. Commonly referred to as river rock, decorative gravel, landscaping rock, or stone mulch, rock work requires less maintenance and could be a good option for you.

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Property Clean-ups and Manicures

Is the garden of the new house you are moving into a mess? Just basic clean-up can uplift the appearance of the property. Moreover, if the fauna needs help, call our tree doctors! Whether it's trimming and pruning the trees or removing a dead tree, or beautifying the shrubs, we can do it all for you. Morris Tree Service provides professional tree care to both commercial and residential sectors.
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Rock Mulching

Landscaping Service

We enhance the look of your property with utmost dedication, using the best equipment by the most competent and experienced staff. You can upgrade your property with our impeccable landscape services. Be it planting flowers or shrubs, maintaining your garden, excellent irrigation services, or any other landscape improvements, Morris Tree Care offers a wide range of services to choose from. So, if you want your property to get noticed, we are your one-stop solution.
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