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Sod Removal and Replacement
Green adds to the beauty of your landscape. You may have healthy trees & shrubs and beautiful flowers, but all of it will look incomplete without lush green grass covering the surface. Moreover, you must ensure that the grass is healthy and fresh. Any yellowing and weed growth is an indication that it needs to be changed. Hire our sod removal and replacement services to maintain the look and health of your landscape. Morris is a family-owned full-service tree care company, providing complete sod replacement services at affordable prices.
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When Should You Hire Sod Replacement Services?

You must ensure that the sod is removed and replaced correctly. Hire sod replacement services from Morris Tree Service for a thorough job so you can sit back and relax while we finish the job for you. Grass can last for several years, but there are times when you need sod removal and replacement. Here are the signs that calltol you it's time to go for sod replacement.
Tracks and spots: After years of use, you will find tracks and spots in your grass. They happen in patches or tracks due to high foot traffic. Besides, if you have shady trees, they block sunlight reach the grass under them, which prevents their healthy growth.
Weed Growth: If you notice weeds growing in your garden, the first reaction should be to remove them using a weed cutter or weedicides. But when you lose control of their growth, it's time to get sod replacement done.
Yellowing: Unhealthy grass leads to yellowing and browning. It's not always due to lack of moisture that the grass begins to dry. If your soil condition is not good, it will damage your grass too. Lawn sod replacement professionals will treat your soil with nutrients before installing new sod.
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Why You Should Choose Morris Sod Removal and Replacement Service

Managing your trees and landscape is not just a job for us. We, at Morris, have a dedicated team of tree arborists for whom their job is their passion. Over the years, we have proved our worth through our hard work and dedication and have carved a niche for our brand in the tree care and landscape services industry. We provide exceptional sod removal and replacement service, and once you hire us, you can rest assured that we will do your job with utmost commitment. But when we calltol you to hire us, we give you a solid reason why you should!
Family-owned business: We are a family-owned & operated full-service tree care company. As a local business, Morris is dedicated to serving you and the community with our reliable service.
Licensed and Insured: We have all the necessary licenses and insurance. So you can sit back and relax because your property is in safe hands.
Customer satisfaction: For us at Morris, we put customer satisfaction at the top. We believe that good work always makes our customers happy, so we let our work speak for us. We meet the highest industry standards and guarantee excellent service.
Affordable rates: We provide sod removal and replacement services at a reasonable price. Moreover, we offer discounts to veterans and senior citizens.
Experienced: With an experience of over 20 years, Morris Tree Service is proficient in handling your sod replacement and all other tree or landscape-related issues.
Well Equipped: As a reputed sod removal and replacement service that's been in the business for many years, we own well-maintained state-of-the-art equipment to carry on your job efficiently.
Highly-skilled arborists: Morris Tree Service has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff dedicated to performing your lawn sod replacement task meticulously.

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As a company in the business for over two decades, Morris Tree Service is committed to providing you with the best lawn sod replacement and other tree care services. We are a family-owned & operated local company, and our people and community mean a lot to us. Therefore, we strive hard to provide you the best services at affordable rates while offering special discounts for veterans and senior citizens.

How We Work

We guarantee to deliver the best sod removal and replacement services with a promise that we won't leave you dissatisfied. We work hard to meet the industry standards and follow best practices while performing our task. Here is how we do it.
We begin with removing the old sod with commercial sod cutters and leave the ground bare, exposing the soil.
As an experienced and reputed sod replacement service, we understand how crucial the soil condition is for the growth of the grass. We test the soil for any nutritional deficiencies and then treat it with the proper nutrients to make it favorable for the new sod.
Once your soil is ready, we lay the new sod. Our lawn sod replacement job is not done till we ensure that the grass is adequacalltoy grounded in the soil for good root development.
The only thing you need to do is to water the sod every day for the first few weeks. We will guide you on how to do it and how much water you should use because excessive moisture can harm the sod and other plants in your garden.
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