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Why Winter is an AppropriateTime for Tree Trimming

For many, the busiest seasons in homes and gardens are summer and fall. However, if you didn’t get the chance to clean and trim your trees, there’s no need to panic. You might find it surprising, but winter is the best time for tree trimming. This guide will cover why winter is the best time for tree trimming and answer questions you might have, such as “Where can I find tree trimming near me?” so read on below to find out more.

The Frozen Ground Provides Protection

It may not be obvious, but when the ground freezes during winter, it allows you to use heavy-duty equipment without worrying about damaging the landscape. Freezing temperatures also mean that your plants are dormant, and as such, they will receive minimal damage from the tree work done. This also applies to the rest of your backyard and landscape.

Cold Temperatures Immobilize Pests and Diseases

Fortunately, trees and plants aren’t the only ones who experience a period of dormancy during winter. Diseases and pests will either become dormant or die in the cold, so if you decide to prune your tree, pests and diseases won’t invade it immediately.

Moreover, trees that are vulnerable to both diseases and pests should be pruned during this time, which will prevent them from reaching your trees. In addition, pruning during winter will allow all pruned areas to begin healing before any disease can enter the tree after the cut was made.

Winter Can Provide a Better View

Because plenty of shrubs and trees become dormant during the cold winter months, you can get a better view of your surroundings. Deciduous trees lose their leaves by this point. Without all those leaves covering it, a tree trimming services team will have a much easier time checking on the health of your trees. They will usually assess and look for any disease-ridden or dead branches, ensuring that only healthy growth will remain.

Trimming Trees During Winter Can Enhance Safety

The harsh winter weather can produce strong winds and heavy snowfall, and a combination of both can cause severe damage. Suppose a weak tree should have brittle branches. In that case, it could create an extremely dangerous situation for the people and properties around it.

By removing a weak branch or dead tree, you can keep your property and those around it safe from falling trees. It may also help to rejuvenate the tree, depending on how much of it needs to be removed.

Winter Pruning Won’t Harm the Tree as Much

When trees are pruned during winter, new growth won’t come out immediately. This is good because the cold and snow can harm it and cause the tree to become disfigured, which is also why pruning during fall isn’t such a good idea.

Furthermore, trees that produce large amounts of sap — such as birch, aspen, and maples — won’t bleed if they are pruned in winter. As already mentioned above, making sure to prune during wintertime will allow the tree to heal before spring comes in with diseases and pests.

Winter Pruning Can Yield More Fruits

If your backyard has fruit trees, you should plan for major pruning only during winter to maximize their fruit production.You should ensure that both ornamental and fruit trees are pruned before they produce flowers or buds, keeping in mind that pruning fruit trees will keep their branches strong enough to hold fruits.

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