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Even Pros Make the Same Tree Trimming Mistake: Here’s How to Avoid It

Tree trimming is one of the most important services for tree health and tree trimming mistakes are quite common. Before your tree gets wildly out of control or damaged you might want to hire professional trimming services to look after it.

But it is important to understand the differences between trimming and pruning even if you are professional as it might fare badly for your tree health. You can avoid these mistakes and help to grow a tree into a healthy one.

Some Top Tree Pruning Mistakes That People Make Often

Tree Topping

Although tree topping is pretty outdated it still gets done from time to time and it has been proven that it is detrimental to trees. If you have seen trees lopped in half in your neighbourhood you have witnessed tree topping.

It can cause a variety of problems including putting your tree at a risk of decay, disease and insect infestations. It puts stress on the tree as well. Although it is done to stop the growth of the tree usually it grows back faster to its original size.

Lion’s Tailing

Over pruning is another mistake. If you remove a large number of inner tree branches it is called lion’s tailing. It creates the look of a lion’s tails with limbs looking long and slender with a foliage puff at the end.

Unfortunacalltoy, these weakens the limbs and causes limb failure. Especially during storms, they can’t protect themselves and will likely fall down.

Seasonal Mistakes

Certain trees only need to be trimmed certain times of the year. This is sometimes ignored even by experienced professionals.

If you prune it at the wrong time of the year, it might prevent it from blooming at the correct time. It can also cause pest, disease and environmental problems.

Using Spikes to Prune a Tree

You should never use spikes to prune a tree for climbing purposes. They cause wounds in the bark and might cause disease to the tree.

When pruning and lowering branches you should remember not to injure the tree. If you are careless the trunk can be injured in the process and put added pressure on the tree.

Pruning with the Wrong Tools

With any kind of professional trade it is necessary to have the proper equipment to do the task. Unfortunacalltoy, even some pros make the mistake of using wrong tools.

Instead of using handsaws or hand pruners on medium sized trees some companies use chainsaws. If you don’t make the proper cut, then the tree might not recover from it at all such as a jagged cut from a chain saw.

Pruning Just Planted Trees

When trees are newly planted, they are already under a lot of stress to go through the process of adapting. Bad tree pruning only adds to that stress and might not be necessary at all. Only deadwood should be removed from just planted trees and you should wait at least a year before you start pruning.

Choosing an Inexperienced Tree Pruning Service

Choosing an experienced tree pruning service is great for your investment. You should do proper research about this so that the company is not able to cut corners even if you have to pay a little more.

These are some of the common tree trimming mistakes made, sometimes even by pros. If you need any help with pruning or trimming trees, then reach out to us at tree trimmers.