Removing a Tree Can Be a Good Thing — Here’s Why

Without a doubt, we are at an age where the green movement is now stronger than ever. With more revitalized, youthful supporters backed by solid and easy-to-use technology, environmentalism is now seen as more than a trend, rather an obligation. In fact, in some countries, it has already been decreed by law that every citizen must plant at least one tree every year.

However, as with every activist movement, misconceptions can also arise, and in the world of environmentalism, things are no different. For instance, some view the act of removing a tree as cruel and anti-green. This, of course, is nothing more than a misinformed exaggeration that has no basis. On the contrary, there can be situations where removing a tree can do far more good to the environment, as a whole, than leaving it be.

Morris Tree Service takes pride in having a sustainable set of values when it comes to trees and plants. We believe that part of our services should come with a duty to educate our customers on the importance of having a tree removal service provider trim, prune, or remove trees in your home or area.

Allow us to give you some important knowledge and facts about tree care and tree trim services, and why it is absolutely essential to hire a tree service company for those jobs.

Trimming Trees Is an Essential Part of the Tree Care Process

Trimming trees is crucial for improving a tree’s overall health. Think of it in terms of working out. When we hit the weights, our muscles and fats become torn and stretched, but this tearing is later on healed by our bodies naturally. This healing process makes our muscles stronger and denser, allowing us to lift more weight, among other things. The same process, more or less, happens to trees during trimming or pruning.

Trees, when pruned or trimmed, are able to heal themselves and develop a more robust structure. In fact, the younger you start trimming a tree, the stronger its mass is going to be as it ages.

Also, removing dead parts of a tree encourages further growth in other areas of the tree’s body. Contrary to popular belief, dead parts of a tree are actually beyond saving. A tree is not like us in that it can heal parts of its body with proper care and nutrition. Still, at the end of the day, it is just a tree and it would think that that dead part also needs nutrients.

This causes the tree to divert some of its nutrients to the dead parts instead of only focusing on the healthy parts, which is obviously not good. By removing those unsalvageable parts, we are making the tree healthier by allowing it to focus on its other areas, as well as encouraging it to grow other parts, too. As a specific example, palm tree trimming encourages the palm tree to bear more fruits and flowers, making it more beautiful and beneficial to animals in the process.

Removing Trees Is More About Safety and Convenience and Less About Being Anti-Green

A dead tree is a dangerous accident that is waiting to happen. Not only that, but some dead trees can also damage roads and soil. Hence, some countries have laws that call for the removal of trees that are beyond saving. And even so, some trees, despite being healthy, are sometimes required to be removed, considering the safety hazards that they may pose.

Trees are essential, of course, but human lives are precious.

Some Trees Can Create Risks and Hazards

An untrimmed and unpruned tree left unattended is, like a dead tree, an accident that can happen without warning. Branches can fall at any moment, thereby damaging property or injuring persons in the process. Palm trees, for instance, have the potential to drop their large leaves and branches on unsuspecting passersby.

Fortunately, Morris Tree Service offers excellent tree care and palm tree management service packages that can help you and your neighborhood minimize these risks and hazards, if not avoid them entirely.

Tree Services Requires Both Specialized Tools and Specialized Skills

No matter what your crazy uncle may say, cutting trees is not as simple as getting an ax, growing a beard, and whacking away at it until it falls. As it stands, tree care services require the use of specialized tools and technology. And the use of these equipment and tech, in turn, necessitates the employment of technical skills. A healthy combination of both not only ensures no accidents happen during the process but also reduces the risk of damage to the property and the area surrounding the tree in question.

Thankfully, Morris Tree Service possesses both. Our experienced staff and tree arborists are more than capable of using the necessary tools and skills to ensure that the entire process of tree care service is done with the least amount of mental and financial stress.