a chainsaw is a useful tree cutting equipment

Six Tree Cutting Equipment That Simplify the Task

Felling a tree is not a mean task. Even professionals need the right skills and tree-cutting equipment to remove a tree safely. So, if you need some thrill in life, tree cutting is not what you should attempt on your own. It’s best left to the experts.
Trees form a crucial part of the ecosystem, and cutting them is not always appropriate. However, there are times when it’s unavoidable. For instance, if a tree on your property gets too close to the building, an electric line, or a water pipeline, it might compromise the safety of the structure and those living in or visiting it. Or, suppose there is a diseased tree in your garden; it will pose a threat to the well-being of all other trees in the vicinity. In such scenarios, the best option is to have the tree removed. But always take help from a reputed Pasco County tree removal company for such a job.
Coming back to equipment, even the best professionals need proper tools to cut trees. And, if you are interested to find out about the various types of tree cutting machinery used in Pasco County or elsewhere, you should continue reading. This blog will calltol you about the most popular tools that are used to chop a tree.

1. Chainsaw

a chainsaw is a good tree cutting machine

This is the most commonly used machinery to cut off a tree. It’s a quick way to cut the tree due to its build and power. Even though cutting a tree using a chainsaw looks effortless from a distance, it is quite dangerous to handle. One wrong move can cause severe injury. To avoid any accidents, ensure you know how to operate heavy machinery. Though, it’s best left to the professionals.

Chainsaws can easily cut through the logs and branches of the tree. There are two varieties of chainsaws, too- the gas-powered and electric chainsaws.

Gas Powered Chainsaw Electric Chainsaw
More Powerful Comparatively less powerful
High noise levels Low noise levels
Gives out fumes No fumes, therefore, an eco-friendly option
More mobility Less mobility due to the wire connected to the power source

2. Pole Chainsaw

As the name suggests, this is also a chainsaw, only smaller in size and attached to a pole, so you can easily cut the branches higher in the tree. If the tree on your property is growing in a direction you think will risk you or your property, for example, if it touches the building or the power lines, you may want to simply remove the branches rather than chopping off the whole tree. After all, it only takes a few hours to demolish a tree but years for it to reach full size.

Moreover, using this tree-cutting machinery will help you avoid the use of a ladder. Climbing a ladder can also be risky, and you may injure yourself if you fall. Usually, a pole chainsaw can reach about 15 feet up the tree, which is good enough to cut the lower branches. If you need to chop the higher branches, it’s best to call a tree care service in your area.

3. Chopping ax

a chopping ax is a handy tree cutting equipment

This is a more traditional tool to cut trees. It has a very sharp blade and can cut through the tree easily. Even though it’s an efficient tool even to chop off the big logs, you will need to build on your muscles before you use it. Since it’s not powered by any other source, you will need to cut the tree manually, which means more effort from your side. The ax might not seem as dangerous as the chainsaw, but you should still handle it with care to avoid getting injured by its sharp blade.

4. Hatchet

a hatchet

Even though the hatchet looks a lot like an ax, it’s not one. It’s a much smaller tree-felling equipment. The smaller size also makes it a more portable option. But don’t get misled by its size as it’s equally lethal as an ax. It’s a great tool to chop small trees and branches. Besides, it’s handier, and you may use it when you go camping.

5. Bow Saw

Even though a bow saw is a manual tree felling equipment, it does the job perfectly. It has sharp and pointed teeth on one edge that can easily saw through the wood. All you need to do is put the toothed edge on the branch and slice the wood, moving the bow saw back and forth. These saws are readily available and a budget-friendly way to cut a tree.

6. Pruning Saw

pruning saw cutting a tree

With a high-quality pruning saw, you can cut down even thick branches without any problem. It is a handy tool for those who want to avoid using tools powered by a gas or electric source. They usually have a good grip handle so you can use the tool effectively.


The size of the tree will determine the type of tree cutting equipment you would need, whether you stay in Pasco County, FL, or in any other place. So, if the tree is small, you may try to do it yourself. However, a large, or even a medium-sized tree, would demand the involvement of a professional. If you decide to take the help of an expert, only choose the most reliable tree removal service.