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Top Reasons Why You Should Remove Dead Trees

As a property owner with several trees in your outdoor space, it’s important to know why you should remove dead trees. This information can keep your home, and nearby properties, structurally sound, as well as keep your entire family safe from accidents and injuries.

Trees can improve your property’s aesthetics, ambiance, and value — but keep in mind that they don’t last forever. Depending on the variety, trees generally live for 50 to 75 years and should be removed once they’re dead. Keeping dead trees on your lawn will only do more harm than good.

If you’re wondering why removing dead trees is important, take note of the reasons below:

1.  They Pose Danger

Dead trees are often weak, which means that they can no longer withstand strong winds and rain, and can randomly fall at any time. When a dead branch snaps off and falls, it can cause serious harm to your family, pedestrians, and nearby structures, such as your roof or garage.

The dangers associated with dead trees should be reason enough for you to have them removed ASAP. Dead trees will fall at some point, and once this happens, you’ll end up spending more money on medical and hospitalization bills, along with repair or renovation projects.

Dead trees, especially those with large roots, can also cause trip and fall accidents and penetrate a building’s foundation through cracks. These are just two of the reasons why removing dead tree roots is important.

Additionally, if your dead trees fall into your neighbor’s property and cause injuries to them, you might even have to face litigation and pay for a lawyer. Your neighbor has the right to sue you for injuries that occur because of your dead trees as you’re responsible for maintaining their safe condition.

2.  It’s Inexpensive

Even if their trees are obviously diseased or dead, some property owners still chose to keep them because of the fear of paying thousands of dollars to have them removed. Most property owners think that paying for the cost of removing dead trees will require them to break the bank.

The cost of removing dead trees from your property is actually inexpensive, as this service is generally cheap. On average, you’ll only need to pay around $500 to $2,000 for tree removal services. Dead tree removal costs vary depending on many different factors, namely the size, type, and health condition of the tree.

The cost of dead tree removal is also cheaper than the expenses you’ll have to pay when your trees cause damage to nearby properties or injure individuals. For example, if a dead tree falls over your garage and severely damages it, you’ll need to spend at least $13,000 on a garage renovation project.

3.  They Attract Pests

Did you know that dead trees can actually attract pests and even encourage them to multiply? Carpenter ants, powder post beetles, wood borers, and termites live on the cellulose in wood and lay their eggs on wood.

Dead trees create the perfect environment for various pests to thrive, which is why you should invest in dead tree branch removal services or have the entire tree removed from your property as soon as possible. Pests can cause diseases to your healthy trees and plants, and significantly damage the condition and appearance of your entire lawn.

After pests have created a nest in one of your dead trees, it won’t be long before they travel to other healthier trees. Wood borers, for example, will damage healthy trees by creating tunnels in the bark and destroying sap and water-conducting tissues. This will cause structural weakness, branch dieback, and the eventual death of your healthy trees and plants.

Moreover, pests can also feast on your home’s wiring, cause holes in your walls, and increase your susceptibility to house fires. Pests also carry allergens, increasing your family’s risks of allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory tract problems.

4.  They’re Unappealing

Undeniably, trees add pops of color to any property, but keeping dead trees will have the opposite effect. Dead trees will make your outdoor space less attractive and even make your property less valuable on the market.

If you want your outdoor space to be visually appealing, have dead trees removed the moment you notice any. Dead trees will stick out in a pleasant-looking and well-maintained lawn. Instead of showcasing your colorful flowers and unique shrubs, passers by will likely take more notice of your dead trees.

In short, all of your efforts to maintain an appealing lawn will be useless if you continue to keep dead trees on your property.

Hire Local Tree Service Companies

Now that you know the importance of removing dead trees from your property, start looking for a tree service company in your area. These companies have the equipment and skills to safely remove any dead tree from your property, so you won’t have to experience the dangers associated with it.

If you live around Pasco County, scout for contractors who can provide top-notch tree removal services in Pasco County, like Morris Tree Service. As a family-owned company, we’ll safely remove diseased or dead trees to ensure that the rest of your property stays healthy and looks beautiful.

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