maintain your trees during hurricane season

4 Tips to Maintain Your Trees During Hurricane Season

Knowing how to maintain your trees for the hurricane season is essential to ensure the safety of the people living on your property. Trees can significantly improve the appeal and value of any property, but not knowing how to maintain them in time for the hurricane season can result in severe injuries and property damage.

If you want to learn how to secure trees in a hurricane or prevent palm trees from blowing in a hurricane, you’re on the right track. This article will provide all the information you’ll need to properly care for your trees and ensure that these don’t cause harm to anyone or anything during the hurricane season.

Here are four tips to help you maintain your trees for the hurricane season.

  1. Inspect Your Yard

Before you decide to remove any trees on your property, find the time to inspect your yard and the condition of your trees first. Removing healthy trees can adversely affect the curb appeal of your property, making it challenging for your property to stand out from the neighborhood.

Start by going around your back and front yard to determine the overall health of your trees. Pay close attention to the bark, branches, trunks, and roots of each tree. Seeing root rot, bark abnormalities, and weak branches shows that your trees are already vulnerable, so make sure to contact professionals right away.

If you don’t know how to assess your trees’ overall health, don’t take chances; ask for professional help. Tree service companies have years of experience in the industry, which means that they can quickly determine healthy trees from sick ones.

  1. Prune Your Trees

Having trees on your property requires long-term commitment because you have to prune them regularly. Pruning is vital in tree care because it involves removing dying or dead branches, so there’s room for new growth. Pruning is also crucial to protecting nearby structures and passers-by from damage possibly caused by your trees.

If you neglect to prune your trees in preparation for the hurricane season or haven’t pruned them at all, opt to call a company that offers tree trimming service. Pruning requires specific skills and equipment and doing it yourself can lead to injuries and accidents.

A professional tree trimming company knows what branches to cut and how to cut them properly. The contractors working for these companies have the necessary training to provide palm tree shaving services and other similar services to ensure that all of your trees are well-pruned before the hurricane season starts.

Hiring a professional tree trimming company might require spending money, but in the long run, the money you’ll pay them is a cost-effective investment.

  1. Keep Your Trees Healthy

As mentioned, growing trees on your property is a long-term responsibility, and pruning them regularly is just one of the tasks you’ll have on your plate. If hurricanes often hit your area, it’s best to keep your trees healthy all year round, so you don’t have to worry about any problems once the weather worsens.

There are easy ways to keep your trees healthy. You can start by planting them in the right place, watering them properly, and removing stakes early. Applying at least two inches of organic mulch under the canopy of your trees can also help because mulch cools the soil and improves its texture.

  1. Consult a Professional

Countless resources can teach you how to properly assess your yard or determine the health of your trees. Although helpful, keep in mind that these pieces of information are often generic and don’t provide solutions to all of your tree-related woes.

Instead of keeping your trees healthy, following all of the tips you see online or hear from friends can often do more harm than good. Once this happens, you’ll have to spend more money and go through unwanted stress.

Consulting a certified tree care specialist is still the best option when it comes to maintaining your trees for the hurricane season. They can provide answers to any of your tree-related concerns and offer tried and tested solutions.

Unlike the generic information you see online, professional tree companies will personally inspect the condition of your trees and provide a wide variety of services, such as tree trimming, tree removal, and even sod removal.

Invest in Professional Services

There’s just so much you can do when maintaining and trimming trees for the hurricane season. Since maintaining trees requires specific skills and equipment, asking for help from professionals is still the best way to go.

If you want to have peace of mind knowing that your trees won’t cause injuries and damage to your property, schedule an appointment with a reliable tree maintenance company before the hurricane season. Their services will go a long way in ensuring that all the trees on your property remain safe regardless of how harsh the hurricanes get.