can removing a tree cause foundation problems

Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems – Myths and Facts

While we love being close to nature, there are times when tree removal becomes imperative. And you may wonder, can removing a tree cause foundation problem for the building? Having trees in your yard and along the neighborhood streets increases a property’s economic and aesthetic value. Even though they add to the curb appeal of the house, many people may avoid planting trees, considering future damage to the integrity of their structure that can come with the removal of trees. However, it is difficult to predict the consequences of removing a tree. It depends upon several factors.

But can removing a tree cause foundation problems?

Here is an account of what we found out in this matter, and it sure is surprising. This question has always been a topic for debate, and the good news is that, in most cases, they don’t. Removing a tree is better than bad. This process has surprising benefits to the foundation of the house and its overall structure.
Removing a tree with a root system wrapping around or under your foundation causes the soil to rise. This rise is due to the fact the water that was previously absorbed by tree roots percolates into the ground. In rare cases, this rise or upheaval can lead to foundation flooding or erosion. However, in most instances, removing a tree that grows too close to your house is the best thing for your foundation. This entire process can strengthen the overall build of the house and add more years to its life. It can correct leaning or settling issues caused by invasive roots and arrest ongoing damage to the integrity of the building, such as cracking and settling, reverse house settling, and leaning as the water returns to the soil. Moreover, it also prevents possible roof damage from falling trees/limbs.

So, when to remove a tree near the house?

Tree removal will not cause any damage to your property, but if done wrongly, you might have to pay a heavy price. Contact a trusted company for such heavy-duty tasks. Pasco County tree removal services offer the most reliable tree care and can handle all your tree-related needs. The experts can inspect your property for any tree foundation damage and provide excellent service, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
However, occasionally tree removal can cause some damage. And there are some signs that can help you detect the damage. A sudden dip or a hole that wasn’t there before can be a sign that your foundation has been compromised. Cracks in the foundation are another sign. If you see an unusual or any kind of vertical crack, it may have been the outcome of the procedure. The larger the crack, the more serious the issue.
Additionally, there may be hidden desecration beneath the surface. When tree roots grow and search for water sources, it can lead to them pushing into a home’s foundation, and when the tree is removed, it pulls out the material that is attached to it. This, in turn, can impact the structure.

What can be done to avoid tree removal foundation damage?

It is always a good idea to consult experts. Regularly inspecting and checking the problematic tree can avoid repercussions later. If a tree overshadows the roof of your house, extreme weather conditions can lead the branches to fall on the roof or other areas in your home. Depending upon the anatomy of the tree and what species the tree belongs to, it can easily be predicted how big and tall the tree would grow. This makes the property owner aware of the consequences that may arise in the future.

In Conclusion

While it has several benefits, if you ask yourself can removing a tree cause foundation problem, all the things we discussed should be carefully considered. We recommend always getting a professional opinion and letting the tree removal experts handle the entire process. They have the right equipment and the right knowledge of the task. Besides, all reputed companies know the local rules and have the requisite permits and insurance to cover unforeseen damages, which means they will do the job safely and quickly.