removing fallen trees by cutting them into sections in the front of a home

12 Tips on Removing Fallen Trees from Your Property

Removing fallen trees can be a nuisance. Whether you’re trying to transport or remove a fallen tree, it can be a relatively tedious job. There are innumerable troubles involved and requires a fair share of heavy effort and work.

Still, there are certain ways you can try and use to efficiently lift a fallen tree, without causing any hazard. You can always reach out to tree removal experts if necessary and you can’t get the job done alone.

These are Twelve Tips on Removing Trees that Have Fallen Down from Your Property

1. One of the most effective ways to remove a fallen tree, which is smaller in size is using a shovel. You can lift it with a shovel and pull it with ropes or lines and use a hose to prop it up. If you have access to further equipment like a tractor you can use that as well to dispose of the tree.

2. If the trees are small enough, you do not need much equipment for a downed tree removal. You can simply dig out a hole at the base of the tree and wriggle it out. If you want to put the tree back, you can loosen up the soil and push it.

3. You can use guy lines to use it as an anchor for your tree. They are made of a tough material and can hold a lot of pounds of weight. You can tie the lines around the thickest part of the bark for a proper lift.Tie the other end to a tractor or an SUV to haul it up. Always make sure that your vehicle is fit to carry the required amount of weight before you delve into this process.

4. Nearly everyone has a rope at their disposal. Using a rope to lift a fallen tree is one of the most common methods. Whether it is made of strong paracord or densely woven filaments make sure it is strong enough to handle the weight of small trees.

5. Another way to go about it is to use a garden hose to lift a fallen tree. Although it might need three people to get the job done, everyone with a house has a garden hose.Since the hose is rubberized, you don’t have to worry about using sleeves. Just tie the hose around the middle and top portions of the tree tightly and pull it off the ground.

6. Cutting downed trees is often troublesome and requires a lot of skill. In such cases you might consider hiring a professional to do the job. If your tree weighs more than a couple of pounds it might need heavy machinery which you might not have access to.

7. Use heavy duty tie down straps. These are one of the toughest tools out there and you can lift nearly anything and everything as long as it is within the required weight limit.Tie the straps around the bark with one end and fix the other end to your vehicle. You can now pull the tree with as much force as necessary.

8. Create a pulley system for your fallen tree removal. This should definitely be done under supervision and is a unique way to get rid of your fallen tree.Buy three to four of 4’*4’ logs and place them on either side of the bark. Get a durable rope and tie it with the rope at a 45-degree angle and voila! You got your own pulley system to pull up the tree.

9. The trick to removing a fallen tree is to always start with cutting the lower sections including the branches. Cut and disintegrate the tree into smaller blocks so that it is easier to carry it to the truck.

10. Another way for removing the tree is to use chemicals to disintegrate it. You can drill holes in the bark and put the herbicide in and water it so that it naturally breaks down.Potassium nitrate is a great option for a chemical. The holes should be at least 12 inches deep to ensure that the herbicide reaches the core of the wood.

11. You can prop the tree up with a pallet jack. All you have to do is to slide it under the bark of the tree and you can pull it up with the legs on either side of the tree.

12. You can pull it out with an automotive winch and this is one of the best ways for safe removal. Automotive winches are one of the toughest tools to have at one’s disposal. Before getting started be sure that your winch has enough capacity to lift the tree and your vehicle can handle the cargo.

If you need any further help reach out to professional tree removal experts to get the job done.