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7 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps Fast, Before They Ruin Your Yard

If you need to cut down a tree after a hurricane, it is essential to remove a tree stump. But have you thought about how difficult it might be to remove the stump?
Since it is pretty tedious, sometimes we tend to leave a stump on the ground and just let it rot away. It will indeed rot away in time, but getting rid of those stumps is vital for the following reasons.

Seven Reasons for Removing Tree Stumps Before They Ruin Your Garden

A Tree Stump Isn’t Pretty to Look At

When we talk about tree aesthetics, stumps are really unattractive and can make your yard look unappealing. So if you want a pleasant-looking yard, you should remove tree stumps. When it comes to property dealers, it might even lessen the value of your home since the new homeowner has to get it out instead of you.

Apart from trip hazards, it can attract pests and diseases. It can also bring new growths, which is uncalled for; if the tree continues growing, it might cause other problems as well. It might take more than a decade for a stump to rot.

They Can Be Hazardous

Stumps can be dangerous to kids and pets. They might trip and fall if they are running around and playing in the yard.

It might even damage the lawn mower; if you hit a stump while mowing, it can break the blades and even hurt people around. The pieces of rotting stumps can be hazardous to your property in several other ways, so removing them is necessary.

New Trees Can Grow Out of Them

If you leave the stump behind, new trees can grow out of it and around it. This can immensely affect the aesthetics of your yard. The shoots repeatedly emerge, no matter how often you cut them down.

Chemicals are needed to dissolve the stump and the root beneath it, but chemicals aren’t good for the soil, environment, and your family. The little trees that grow out of the stump can also suck nutrients from other plants around them. This means your other plants might not be getting enough nutrients.

Annoying to Go Around Them

Getting rid of a tree stump can be a nuisance and an obstacle in your way. If it comes under your car, you might have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Mowing and weeding the lawn can also be a lot of trouble. It is much cheaper to get the tree stump removed by professionals.

A Stump Attracts Insects

If a stump is left in the ground to rot away, it will attract a lot of pests and insects. There might be ants, beetles, and termites. Even if it does not seem like a big problem right now, soon, it will be. After some time, your home will become a breeding ground for these pests and insects.

They Use Up Space in The Yard

If you don’t have a big yard, stumps might be more of a problem. It takes away from the area you might use for gardening, like putting up a flowerbed or installing a swing set for your kids to play.

Surface roots can prove to be quite hazardous. So by choosing to remove tree stumps, you would surely benefit.

If you need stump grinding services, please feel free to give us a call. We have professionals with years of experience and the best equipment in the area. Each tree is different, and we understand diverse requirements. It is vital to remove the stump today instead of suffering years later because of its presence.