reasons to remove a tree

Five Valid Reasons to Remove a Tree from Your Garden, Yard or Lawn

A tree in your yard can be a beautiful thing. It can provide shade on a hot day and make your yard look more attractive. However, sometimes there comes a time when it’s necessary to remove a tree from your property.

Removing a tree may seem like a challenging task, but there are many good reasons to do so. Trees can become diseased or damaged, and they can also block sunlight from reaching other plants. Additionally, trees can be a safety hazard if they are growing too close to homes or power lines.

This article covers some good reasons to remove a tree and how tree removal experts can help you.

5 Reasons to Remove a Tree

There are reasons to remove a tree, but people may not realize what these are until it’s too late. Sometimes you might see evidence of the reasons in places where trees have died or had limbs fall.

Nonetheless, learning about some valid reasons to remove a tree is very important information for homeowners and landlords alike.

1. The Tree is Decaying

Signs that decay has set in include cracked bark, the pithy texture inside the wood, dark staining on wood, and cankers.

Woodpeckers might be pecking through bark looking for insects within the tree’s trunk which will help give clues if there are lots of them congregating around one particular part of the surface.

If you have any of these reasons to remove a tree, it is best to have someone who specializes in pruning well-seasoned trees.

2. The Tree is Diseased

Another issue that could be causing damage — or might have already damaged your tree in some way — is disease. There are many pathogens that can infect numerous types of trees and reasons why a tree may not look healthy anymore.

These include leaf roll, fungus infections, and even witch’s broom, which causes abnormal growth on branches or spurs on older wood. If you remove a tree due to disease, it is important to call an arborist as soon as possible. Also, always beware of Brady rhizobium, which is root-rotting bacteria.

3. Safety Reasons

Tree removal reasons can include safety reasons for those living nearby or anyone who could be in the path of where a tree might fall if it were to happen to break off.

Sometimes trees are removed due to reasons like this which includes unsafe limbs, deadwood, and even compromised trees next to dwellings. Of course, reasons like these should never be ignored or postponed.

4. Environmental Reasons

There are also environmental reasons that cause people to remove trees, whether on private property or not.

Many times, there is construction going on around an area, and it may become necessary to clear some space before building new things like roads, bridges, and more. It’s true that reasons like these can vary, but it’s important to know these reasons when they come up.

5. The Tree is a Nuisance

Another reason to remove a tree might be because it is considered a nuisance tree in some way or another by someone who lives nearby. Sometimes “neighborhood drama” can play out over reasons like this where there are no actually valid reasons to remove a tree for everyone involved.

Pasco County Tree Removal Services

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