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Manage Your Backyard with Tree Trimming and other Landscape Services

Have you ever gone to a salon thinking of getting a stylish haircut but come out with a disastrous hairstyle instead? Just as finding the right stylist is tough, finding the right people to trim your trees is not an easy task. In fact, it is quite the contrary!

When it comes to trees, we don’t want problems like that. We understand that trees take years to grow, so it can be stressful for the owners if something terrible happens to them (or if a tree company does a lousy job). It’s our mission to provide the highest care and service to your beloved trees and at the same time preserve their appearance and health.

Morris Tree Service is a family-owned business that has been providing tree services in Florida. With us, everything is in-house — we don’t rent equipment, nor hire subcontractors! This means that customers can get the most affordable rate possible.

Often people are afraid to cut trees or trim their plants in fear of damaging them. Sometimes, they tend to neglect them altogether. Thankfully, we’re here to save and restore them. Take a look at the tree care services we offer!

Tree Trimming and Demossing

The extensive knowledge of nature and plants that we have learned over the past years helps us properly care for the trees. Our company’s specialized team will cut away excessive branches, trees, and shrubs to give way to property roads and sidewalks. This also helps improve the tree’s health, as well as giving it a new look!

We do our pruning and treatment of trees using handsaws, shears, and clippers. We may use some heavy equipment in the trimming and pruning, including truck-mounted lifts and power pruners.

Tree Removal

We love trees, and while we do everything we can to save and preserve them, there are times when we need to accept that some trees will be diseased or too damaged to recover. Hence, at such times, we need to remove it as soon as possible! Not only are there chances that if diseased, it will infect the other trees around it, but a dead tree is also unsupported and can be a threat to people and the property.

There’s nothing too big of a job we can’t handle! Our state-of-the-art equipment can remove the trees safely and effectively.

Palm Tree Trimming and Shaving

Property owners often lack time to maintain the trees in their yards. However, some plants or trees can be a hazard when not properly maintained.
An example of this is palm trees. While they add beauty to a home, they require a lot of maintenance because of their size. When palm trees get diseases, pests tend to stick to them and make them less appealing. Pruning them is the best maintenance service for a palm tree.

Palm trees thrive with corrective pruning and preventing diseases and nasty insects from coming near them. They also grow in the right direction, so owners wouldn’t have to worry about trees damaging their house when it’s too windy. By hiring our tree service company, customers will have better landscapes and safer backyards!

Stump Grinding

Not only are tree stumps unsightly to look at, but they can also cause accidents. Our professional stump grinding service can remove those nasty stumps and give the backyards a clearer and broader area.
After we’re done with our job, your backyards will look newer than ever. You will then have more space for new projects!

Sod Removal and Replacement

Our tree service company is not just for trees, we also handle sods! We lift, load, and dispose of old sods and replace them with new ones. We offer great pricing as it’s based on a dry sod, rather than wet ones.

If you are looking for any tree care service, contact us as we will offer you a free estimate and the best rates possible.