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How to Spruce Up Your Garden in 2021

Over the past year, the virulent COVID-19 pandemic saw a global transmission. It spread throughout our country and into our neighborhoods, effectively forcing all of us to stay indoors. During this dark and lonely time, most individuals tended to become neglectful in some aspects of their lives.

Garden upkeep, for instance, was likely left unattended, which is understandable. Safety is the primary concern, and we wouldn’t dare to risk both ourselves and our loved ones by inviting service workers and helpers to assist us in our gardening needs.

Now, though, with the vaccination process in full gear, 2021 seems to the perfect time for us to move forward and get back on track. No matter the bad moments that the previous year may have given us, the fact of the matter is that, soon, the COVID-19 pandemic will become a distant memory. The best course of action we can take now is to stay positive until that moment comes. One of the most remarkable ways we can show this positivity is by sprucing up our gardens and making them more beautiful than ever.

Beautifying your home need not be complicated. There are undoubtedly many ways to go about this process, but we at Morris Tree Service believe that starting with your trees, plants, and garden is a good first step.

Here are some of the ways that you can change the look of your home or business garden in 2021:

Trim the Trees around Your House

Tree trimming is more than just an aesthetic choice. Believe it or not, trimming improves a tree’s health. However, tree trimming is not easy as it sounds and can damage your trees if done wrongly. Worse, one mistake can result in the death of your much-loved tree. Therefore, careful planning coupled with precise expertise is crucial in performing these types of tree services.

Our team at Morris Tree Service is more than capable of fulfilling that high-quality work for you. Whether it’s an old tree that needs a new breath of life or a special one that you want to save from deterioration, we’ve got you covered!

Have Trees Inspected and Removed

Whether we like it or not, some trees are simply beyond saving, and leaving them as they are can only open your home and your family to certain risks. Additionally, there’s no denying that removing unsalvageable dead trees can also make your home look fresher and more appealing too.

Morris Tree Service’s years of experience allow us to properly assess the trees around your house and correctly perform the necessary tree removal actions required for it. And we do this without posing any risk of damage to any part of your home.

Stumped? Get Them Fixed!

If your home has a stump, the chances are that you have tried removing it on your own, only to realize how difficult of a task it was (and not to mention a dangerous one). A stump can be beautiful, too, no doubt, but removing one can open your garden space up to more possibilities, including planting new trees and plants to bolster your house’s image further.

Morris Tree Service uses high-tech equipment for removing and grinding tree stumps. With our careful process, we also ensure that doing so will not damage your lawn even in the slightest.

Update and Upgrade Your Sods

This may probably be the most neglected part of your home during the pandemic. Sods need love and care, too, but sometimes, they need to be replaced with new ones. It goes without saying that a beautiful set of sod can make your home look as stunning as the day it was made.

Unfortunately, sod removal and installation can be a very expensive endeavor, and here at Morris Tree Service, we understand this all too well. That’s why our sod removal and installation packages are designed to not be financially stressful for our customers. Contact us today for a quote. You might be surprised with how affordable our service can be.


At the end of the day, what might be the best way to move forward this year is by changing the way your home looks entirely. If you agree, then our landscaping services may be just the thing you need.

At Morris Tree Service, we take pride in providing our customers with impeccable landscaping services. From planting flowers to designing a small pond, our landscaping service packages will surely give your home that new and positive look.

We believe that providing the best tree care services for our customers is not enough. At our core, we also believe that nature and people should live in absolute harmony, where one cannot be without the other. Customer satisfaction is one of our utmost priorities.  We believe that the best way to satisfy our customers’ needs is by seeing trees and plants as more than just a business, but a social obligation that is part of our business’s core values.

Contact us today to learn more about our green philosophy, as well as our tree service products and packages. We can’t wait to hear from you!