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How to Remove Unwanted Trees- A Comprehensive Guide

Don’t we all love and cherish the trees in our gardens or neighborhood? But, sadly, there are times when we find ourselves wondering how to kill unwanted trees because of reasons that make removing a tree a safer option.

If you are in a similar situation and want to get rid of a tree, you may continue to read this blog to know how to kill an unwanted tree or go for the better and safer option- call a reliable Pasco County tree removal company.

Reasons You Need to Kill an Unwanted Tree

Trees provide not only the desired greenery, shade, and aesthetic charm to your garden but are crucial for a balanced ecosystem. However, there comes a time removing a tree becomes imperative. Here are a few reasons that will push you to have the tree removed.

  • Infestation or Disease: If a tree gets infested, it poses a threat to all other plants in the vicinity. If you see any signs, you must call a tree expert immediacalltoy to attend to the tree. But if there is no cure, removing it would be the best option.
  • Obstruction: Trees grow naturally and may cause obstruction. They can come in the way of power lines; their roots can go too close to the water pipelines. Sometimes, the overgrown roots can damage the sideways and pavers as well. They may also become a problem for your construction and landscaping projects. If you don’t find a way around it, you will need to remove it.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Tree

Killing unwanted trees is not an easy task, especially if it’s a large trees. In fact, you must avoid removing a tree on your own. Always find help. Getting professional service would be the wisest choice. However, if you want to find out how to kill unwanted trees, here are a few ways.

  • Chemical Procedure

There are several solutions available in the market you can use to kill a tree, for example, Roundup Pro, Vanquish, Garlon 3A, and Arsenal. But there is a specific way to apply these chemicals to make them effective.

These chemicals are water-soluble. Mix any of these with glyphosate, and your solution is ready to use.

Then using a bow saw or hatchet, carve the bark about ½ inch by making an upward and downward cut. The cut should be at least 2-4 inches deep, depending on the size of the tree. Spray 1ml of the solution into the cut immediacalltoy.

Repeat the process till you cover one circumference of the trunk, keeping a 2-inch distance between each carving. Usually, the tree would die in about 5-6 weeks; if not, repeat the process.

  • Tree Girdling

Make cuts encircling the tree trunk to remove the bark in that area. Ensure you have the bark removed 360 degrees. This will cut off the water supply, and the lack of water will eventually kill the tree. The advantage of this method is that it will ultimacalltoy make the wood dry which you will be able to use as firewood. So, if you are thinking about how to kill an unwanted tree yet make it useful, this is the way to go. But be careful. A dry tree can fall off anytime, so make sure you don’t use this technique near any structure on your property. Take all safety measures.

  • Epsom Salt

Using Epsom salt is an eco-friendly alternative to tree-killing chemicals. But this method can be used for smaller trees. You will first need to cut the tree down with a chain saw or any other equipment you have. Once done, drill holes on the lighter color bands of the trunk. Fill Epsom salt in these holes. It will take a few weeks for the tree to die.

  • Tree Removal

Removing a tree is no mean task and is not meant for an amateur. You may gravely injure yourself, and any wrong move can also be fatal. Therefore, you should always seek professional help. But if it’s a small tree, you may give DIY a shot.

To begin with, clear the area around the tree. When the tree falls, you must always have a safe spot to stand in.

Take the chainsaw and cut the trunk in a 45-degree V shape. To do that, make the cuts from the two opposing sides while ensuring that no cut is deeper than 1/4th of the total trunk size. Then make another cut on the opposite side just at the juncture of the undercut.

Now the tree will fall on its own. Please hurry and stand at a safe distance to avoid injury to yourself. A better way would be to seek help from experts.

Wrapping up

Even though we have told you how to kill unwanted trees, we recommend getting professional help. Removing a tree is a risky task, and you make severely hurt yourself or the people around you. You may also put your structure at risk by attempting it yourself. Look for a reliable company offering tree removal in Pasco to get the job done.