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Five Problems That Can Occur If You Do Not Prune Palm Trees

Did you know that palm trees have thousands of sub-species and some of them can grow indefinicalltoy? A lot of people find that palm trees are a nuisance and have them removed outright when they get fed up.

If you’re someone who’s got the patience to prune palm trees whenever necessary, however, then please continue doing so. We can assure you that you’re on the right track. Take the help of palm tree trimming services if required. Here are five problems that can happen if you do not prune palm trees.

1.  They Can Become Safety Hazards

Pruning palm trees on your property is your responsibility. You can’t just leave dead fronds hanging on them nor let them litter your surroundings. There are a lot of good reasons for this.

First of all, unpruned palm trees will have dead fronds that might fall on someone or something at any time. Regardless of if the palm tree is located near a property or where people normally pass by, you’ll never know what damage could occur.

There are countless reports of accidents leading to injuries due to dead fronds falling on cars, properties, and people. This can be serious and should be taken seriously.

Besides, these overgrown palm trees can also be fire hazards. Sure, they may look good, but you need to be extra careful with how to handle them. That’s why you need to prune palm trees regularly.

2.  They Can Cause Damage From Incoming Storms

Just like we secure all the other trees surrounding us when there’s an incoming storm, you should do the same thing for palm trees. Palm trees are typically decorative and some just go ahead and cut them down whenever they pose any danger to anyone or anything, especially if there’s a storm coming.

But, there’s really no need to do something as drastic as that, not at least if all your palm trees need is just a simple pruning. Just a little bit of palm tree maintenance and all the dangerous and dead parts of your palm tree will no longer be a problem once the storm hits.

Remember, palm trees that are left unpruned or are ill-maintained may not have the best foundation to keep up with the strong winds that a storm brings. So, always make sure that you take good care of them, especially if you live in areas where storms strike often.

3.  They Can Be Infested With Rats and Insects

Unpruned palm trees may prove to be hazardous to us, but it’s quite the opposite for palm tree rats and insects. These pests are notorious for climbing on palm trees and making it their home.

We don’t need to calltol you about the dangers of a rat infestation. They bring just about any disease that you can think of, and these types of rats can grow up to a whopping 12-14 inches long.

After they make themselves comfortable in these palm trees, they might just visit you in your abode. Don’t let that happen. Stop insects and rats from living in your palm trees as early as possible. Prune them.

4.  It Can Lead To Their Deterioration

Palm trees can also contract a variety of diseases that will lead them to their own demise. If you value your palm trees, then you need to maintain them right and make sure that you don’t let any of the known palm tree diseases kill them.

We’re talking about fungi and bacteria causing diseases that will slowly infect them. It’s also important to note that there’s such a thing as over-pruning palm trees, and that may kill them too.

So, when in doubt, make sure to call in the experts to prune your palm trees right. Cutting off healthy parts of it that were otherwise responsible for its nourishment will have negative effects on it.

5.  They Can Become Unsightly and a Nuisance

Some say that palm trees are nothing but decorative and do not have any other usage. So, if that’s the case, then why not make sure that they look good?

Take note, palm trees that are left unattended will have seeds dropping in your yard or on the streets and eventually germinate. That may prove to be more troublesome than, say, pruning them.

Let’s be responsible and think about not only ourselves but the people in our communities. Do the right thing and maintain your palm trees the right way.

Final Thoughts

Palm trees are safety hazards, fire hazards, prone to infestations, and if left on their own without maintenance, may deteriorate altogether. These are the reasons why you need to prune palm trees on a consistent basis.

Call on our palm tree trimming services today to prevent any incidents from happening before it’s too late. We are experts in tree pruning and would be glad to help!