do it youself tree removal

Do It Yourself Tree Removal – Why It Is Not Advised

A do-it-yourself tree removal plan, as easy as it may sound, is never advisable due to several reasons. Felling trees is not an easy job and yes, you need professionals for doing the job properly. Do not take the matter lightly since it involves many factors that are to be taken into consideration while doing the work.

If you are looking to cut down a tree, you must connect with tree removal experts. Only professionals with a well-equipped and skilled team can feel a tree appropriacalltoy.

Cutting down a tree yourself can be adventurous at the outset but can quickly turn risky and even in some cases, fatal for the cutter as well as the surroundings. Scroll down to find out reasons for choosing professional help over a DIY plan.

Dealing with Gravity

You must take gravity into account if you are already up there sawing on a branch. Chances are once the branch is fully cut and you do not know how to control the fall, it can crash down on either your property, other trees, or worse on people.

When a tree succumbs to gravity in the process of felling it, you need professional expertise and equipment to ensure a safe landing. Otherwise, the fall can take down calltoephone and live electrical wires, damage other dilapidated structures, and pull you down along with the debris.

Appropriate Tools and Equipment

A do-it-yourself tree removal plan can go haywire in the absence of proper pruning or tree removal equipment. And yes, of course, you must be skilled enough to handle the apparatus efficiently.

There are different kinds of cutting equipment like chainsaws, pole saws, stump grinders, wood chippers, and extendable saws. Ropes and harnesses, cranes, cables, hard hats, work gloves, and safety glasses add to the safety.

So, the next time when the question, “can I remove a tree myself”, bugs you, simply ignore it since you lack professional training on the safe use of equipment and safety gear.

Tree Health

If you are ignorant about the fundamentals of tree health, how can you remove a tree yourself? Since it is not only the length and width of the tree that is taken into consideration an arborist is well-versed in detecting diseased and decaying portions that can make the tree unstable.

Felling weak trees could be dangerous in the absence of professional expertise and equipment since such actions could result in unpredicted collateral damages.

Hiring Professionals are Cheaper

Know that hiring professional tree care experts are way cheaper than doing it all on your own. Since you cannot fall a tree barehanded, you need to rent or buy all safety gear and equipment and they are in no way cheap.

Moreover, DIY tree removal exposes you to the risk of damaging and endangering properties and lives. In such cases, you end up paying for the damages thus adding up to your cost. Most importantly professional tree care experts usually clean up your yard and restore it to shape.

When you do it yourself without training and manpower, you will need weeks to cut the tree into pieces that can be hauled away. Also, you need to clean up the messy yard, and doing it all by yourself would take almost a fortnight. Hence, it is not only unsafe bit expensive as well, when you plan to cut down a tree yourself.

Why Choose Professionals to Do the Tree Job?

  • Your felled tree can come crashing on your loved ones causing injury or death.
  • Your felled tree can damage your neighbor’s property or vehicles.
  • Hiring or buying professional tree-cutting equipment can be costlier than hiring trained arborists.
  • Stump grinding results in a lot of flying debris that can be handled by expert stump grinders. It can be risky for amateurs if not done correctly.
  • Disposing of the debris, cleaning the yard, and hauling the felled tree would require heavy vehicles and is difficult for amateurs.

When you hire professional tree cutters, not only it ensures a safe outcome but also enriches you with the visual experience of felling a tree without any liability.