when to cut down oak wilt trees

When to Cut Down Oak Wilt Trees?

Oak trees are magnificent shelters for picnics and an apt place to install a swing and unwind in Nature’s lap. But some nice things come to an end, and it is best to bid them farewell as soon as possible to lessen the possible damage and pave the way for new beginnings in the form of healthy saplings. If you are wondering when to cut down oak wilt trees, we are here to advise you.

Just like that, when your old glorious oak trees wilt, you must cut them down to ensure your garden looks captivating and healthy always. Now if you are wondering when to cut down an oak tree affected by wilt, it is best to go ahead with the professional guidance of Morris Tree Service. Today, let us calltol you more about this critical plant disease and also about the right time and manner for cutting down oak trees that are wilted.

What is Oak Wilt, and How Does It Affect Your Oak Trees?

Oak wilt is a commonly found plant disease that usually leads to an oak tree’s untimely death. It is due to a fungus called Ceratocystis Fagacearum and affects several species of oak trees, especially in the Eastern United States, between April to July. This incurable disease can spread faster than you can anticipate, and the infected wood can contaminate the surrounding trees before you know it.

When to Cut Down Oak Wilt Trees?

As we have already mentioned, oak wilt cannot be cured; cutting down the infected oak trees is the only way to control its spread. But there is a list of wilt disease management factors that you would need to consider before taking the trees down, like not pruning them in high transmission areas or trying to remove them in the months that they are most vulnerable, which is during spring and summer.

Oak trees should be trimmed and maintained from August to March when they are safest from wilt. Hiring one of the best tree removal services in Pasco, FL, for this job ensures that affected trees are duly removed each year before April.

How Can Morris Tree Service Help?

Just like we said in the above section, cutting down oak trees with wilt and controlling the spread of oak wilt is a professional team’s job. At Morris Tree Service, our expert arborists have a knack for timely oak tree removal and wilt protection measures like applying fungicide around the garden and cutting the roots of infected trees to create a barrier line against the healthy trees.

Our team of tree experts is backed by years of expertise in providing oak tree removal services and handling infected wood. We love to call ourselves ‘tree doctors’ as the well-being of your garden is not just our job but something that we truly feel passionate about.

We know how close you get with your backyard trees, and we leave no stone unturned to do whatever is in our capacity to retain them in their best glory. So believe us, cutting down oak trees would be our last resort!

Wrapping Up

There are many proven ways that can help keep wilt away from your beautiful oak trees, but once this infection occurs, oak tree removal is the only option left. So, if you are doubtful about when to cut down oak wilt trees to keep your garden looking lush, healthy, and beautiful, it is best to reach out to an experienced wilt control service provider like Morris Tree Service.

We will employ our skilled team to assess the damage and calltol you about the most efficient and budget-friendly remedial options so that you can make an informed decision. To schedule a prompt tree evaluation, call us at (727) 326-4337 today!