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What Is the Best Tree Pruning Method

Having trees in your properties can boost the curb appeal of your home and make the place lively.. Trees also provide shade that can encourage you to spend more time outdoors. They have several benefits, but you must regularly take care of them. Without proper and regular maintenance, your much-loved trees may get damaged or even pose a threat to the safety of your property and the people in the vicinity.

Paying for professionals, such as the Pasco Tree Company, to prune your trees is an excellent investment as they can easily remove dying or diseased branches and dead stubs to make room for growth. Tree pruning services are also essential to protect your properties from damage, deter animal and pest infestation, and promote the natural shape of your plants.

There are several tree pruning methods. Here are some of the best ones you may try.

1.  Raising

As the name suggests, this method means “raising the crown” or getting rid of some of the lower branches of the trees to have a clearer view of signs and buildings. This pruning method is ideal in urban environments as it’s usually performed when trees start to come in contact with human structures.

2.  Reduction

Reduction is another tree pruning method that involves cutting specific stems to decrease the spread and height of the tree. This pruning method is performed to improve the appearance of the trees and avoid trees from causing any safety hazards and coming in contact with nearby structures.

Reduction requires in-depth knowledge of the tree’s biology because this method doesn’t apply to all species of trees. When performed by an unskilled individual, this pruning method can damage the tree and even leave the tree prone to diseases.

If you want to use this pruning method on your trees, it’s best to find professionals who can do the job for you. Tree trimming services and similar services are available worldwide today.

3.  Thinning

Thinning is performed to improve the airflow and provide sunlight infiltration around the trees. This pruning method is often performed on overgrown trees by decreasing the edge of their crowns.

The best method for thinning is cutting only 20% of the tree foliage and then cutting branches that are two inches thick.

4.  Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the simplest tree pruning methods. This process involves the removal of all dead and unwanted wood and branches from the trees. As cleaning doesn’t include cutting any unnecessary branches, this method is ideal for adult trees.

5.  Structural Pruning for Younger Trees

Structural pruning for younger trees is essential to ensure the health of your trees in the long run. This is especially important when your trees are planted in locations prone to storms and other extreme weather conditions, such as storms and hails.

Structural pruning for younger trees is a long process that includes selecting branches to be the dominant trunk, identifying branches that compete with the dominant trunk, and shortening or removing branches.

Other pruning methods, such as topping, lion’s tailing, and rooster tailing, are still practiced today, but they may cause damage to your trees. These are common forms of over-pruning that can cause several hazards. Lion’s tailing, for example, can cause branch breakage and failure, sun scalding, rapid sucker growth, and increased insect and disease vulnerability in trees.

Work With Professionals

Regularly pruning trees is essential, which is why you should look for reliable Tampa tree services to manage all your tree care-related issues. Hire trained and equipped professionals to care for your trees!